Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Explaining Zumba

So every Tuesday my friends and I have a tradition of going to zumba at 4:00. What is Zumba? Zumba is an exercise class which involves dancing and mainly cardio. The dances involve various Latin type moves as well as a mix of push ups, burpees, planks, and squats. Zumba involves different songs from cultural to the usual hip-hop as well as a variety of dance moves. If anything, I would summarize zumba as jumping and squatting half of the time. At Lewis, we have free zumba classes every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Usually these last four an hour or so, and the end result is your shirt being a whole shade darker then it was before you came to dance. My first semester at Lewis I would go to zumba classes like it was my religion. I was very fit, but when I came back my second semester I stopped classes. I finally came back in February, and I almost passed out from how intense the dances were. When I go to these classes I always have my roomie and my friends with me which makes it ten times more fun especially when my male friends can't do the more feminine types of booty shakes and body rolls. The main rule in zumba is "There are no wrong moves just accidental solos" which is very true on my part. Even some of the instructors mess up, and there are four of them! Sometimes I will just make up some of the moves when I cannot get the choreography, or my friends and I will just goof around and laugh at each other when we mess up. Many of the songs we dance to are by Jason Derulo, but most of the songs are familiar to me. As a result of zumba, I sweat buckets, and I get a great cardio workout while having fun with my friends. It is a win-win situation especially since working out can get tedious. I believe zumba is great alternative to the usually cardio workout on a treadmill, and it is lots of fun as well as satisfying. Even though I do not get all the steps correct and sometimes people step on my feet I disregard that because I go my hardest when I dance. As long as you have fun with it instead of thinking about how bad you look, then you can truly enjoy zumba to its fullest.

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