Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I believe many take the term "I love you" for granted now. I have so many guy friends who will tell me they love me just to get me to buy food for them. I also am guilty of taking those three words for granted at times. Being single I do not regularly tell someone I love them unless it's a family member of course, but if I did have a significant other would it be different when I tell them I love them? The thoughts that go through my head about these three words is when is the best time to tell someone I love them. Is there a time limit? Am I really in love with them? Or sometimes there are people who I will meet that are interested in me, and I will try to get to know them. Soon enough after maybe one month of knowing that person they will tell me they love me! Seriously?! That is way too early I believe, or maybe it's just me.

What does it mean when I say "I'm okay"?

Sometimes it means that I'm literally doing okay. Things are going well in life, and I'm not complaining. Sometimes it means that I don't want to deal with a problem so I'll just tell you I'm okay in order to keep my problems to myself. "Okay" is such a weird word in general I believe; you can be "super okay" or even "A-OK." It can also be used synonymously with the word "sure" or "all right." If I am in a good mood I will even say "okie" for slang. When you ask someone how they are doing you really need to take into account their voice, facial expression, and also their posture. Your "okay" may be different than my "okay." Not everyone is the same. As for me I will say I'm okay after I accidentally stub my toe on the dresser, or I'll say it when I just want to lie down on the couch and mope about a bad grade. "I'm okay" is such a broad statement so I am having trouble explaining it in all honestly. Like I said everyone's is different.

Memorizing a song on piano is like learning how to build a car. You have to run so many test trials until you can perfect the car; same thing with playing piano. You have to keep practicing and practicing until you get every detail of the song, and you can play every note. Practice makes perfect right? When you build a car you have to take every little detail into account. If there is a junky part then you have to fix it or replace it! When playing piano you have to pay attention to every expression and dynamic marking, there is so much technique involved that many non-musical people do not understand. I myself have been playing piano for 14 years now so I would say that I have quite a bit experience with the instrument. Also, I have competed in numerous Fine Arts competitions for piano duets and solos as well as being a church pianist. I remember when I would need to choose a song entry to compete with I would always take the longest time trying to pick a song. I mean there are millions! Also, there are millions of song composers to choose from. If anything piano taught me to pay attention to fine detail, and I can attest that memorizing Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 is like building a car.

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