Thursday, March 17, 2016

Final Blog for WP2

Looking back at my previous blog for this writing project, I was supposed to write about communication technology used in the 1900s. I did not end up doing so, and instead I wrote about how technology plays a major role in society today. My original design plan purpose was to create an appreciation of technology, but instead my paper explains that our reliance on technology has become so great that a world without technology seems almost impossible. Instead of reflecting back on communications technology in the 1900s I wrote about the negative and positive effects of this technology on the workforce, society, medical field, and education. By basing off my own experiences with my iPhone, I tried to make my audience reevaluate their own relationship with communications technology. My experience writing this paper was a rough one because honestly I was struggling with personal problems while trying to write this paper. I have only written in APA format one time other than this paper so I did not have too much trouble with formatting. Formatting was probably my favorite part, but trying to synthesize the sources of my paper was probably the hardest thing to do. Although my paper is a little bit different than my original design plan and outline, I do like the route that I took with my paper because it applies to myself personally as well. I chose to write about both the negative and positive impact of communications technology because I truly think that this advancement can either better or ruin a person. For example, social media can sometimes ruin individual if they are not careful about what they post. Social media kind of ruins privacy nowadays because people frivolously post whatever they want to online without considering the possible consequences. I chose to incorporate the impact of communications technology on medical students because I am a nursing major, and I do believe that social media can have a positive or negative effect on my career and education. For example, if I was to post a picture of myself drinking online, and I was trying to apply for a job as a nurse then I probably would not get hired because my actions online show that I am not fit to be a professional. We do not realize that social media and technology really has a hold on our lives now because it is so natural to use now. I mean come on even 3rd graders have iPhones now. I did not get my first smart phone until I was a sophomore in high school! I believe I was able to accomplish the message I was trying to get across which was "Communications technology has impacted society, workforce, medical field, and education to a degree that we cannot live without it."

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